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The most complete offering of athletic activities and facilities

The most complete offering of athletic activities and facilities
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Undergraduate Degrees

Selection of Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate teachings

Undergraduate teachings aim to have the student obtain general education in one or various disciplines directed to the preparation of professional activities. Undergraduate degrees have 20 credits containing all the theoretical and practical education that the student should acquire, although degrees subject to the regulations of the government law community could assign a higher number of credits.

Study plans are to have a minimum of 60 credits of basic education, of which at least 26 should be linked to the knowledge field of the degree. Generally these credits are concentrated into 6-credit classes. The remaining classes, up until the 240-credit mark, are to be made up of obligatory and optional materials or classes. If external internships are programmed, they are to have a maximum extension of 60 credits and the obligatory final project is to be of 6-30 credits.

In accordance to the regulation that the University establishes, students registered in undergraduate studies are able to obtain academic recognition in credits for the participation in cultural university activities, athletics, student representation, and activities related to solidarity and cooperation. These shall be applied to the calculation of optional credits.

In order to access undergraduate studies general University access requirements must be met.