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Give your future wings

Give your future wings
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Doctorate Programmes

Doctorate studies aim to provide advanced education to students in research techniques, and could incorporate courses, seminars, or other activities directed at education in research. They include the development and presentation of a corresponding doctorate thesis that consists of original work in research.

In order to achieve a Doctorate Degree it is necessary to have passed an organised educational and research-orientated period culminating in the development and presentation of a doctorate thesis. As a whole these organised educational and research-oriented activities lead to a Doctorate Degree.

Typically, the educational period of the Doctorate Programmes of the University of Seville shall consist of achieving an official Masters´ Degrees or more than 60 European credits included in the study plans of one or more official Masters´ Degrees offered by the University of Seville.

In exceptional cases and in cases pertaining to the University of Seville´s strategic interests, the educational period may consist of passing a total of 60 European study credits at a post-graduate level which are not included in the official Masters´ Degree Programmes.

To be eligible for a Doctorate Programme as an educator, it is necessary to have fulfilled the same conditions needed to be eligible for an Official Masters´ Programme.

To be eligible for a Doctorate Programme as a researcher, it is necessary to have passed an educational period configured according to the indications of the previous paragraphs.