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A complete programme of university services for students

A complete programme of university services for students
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Continuing Education

Permanent Training Centre

Pabellón de México

The University of Seville starts the Permanent Training Centre in respond to social need increasingly in demand to the University. It's training based on continuous learning and professionals retraining in order to achieve goals of efficacy and modernization of a changing society, because of the quick evolution of knowledge and the development and influence of IT in all fields of human activity.

General Goals of the Centre

  1. To serve as a link between the University of Seville and its environment in the field of permanent training, both in Own Qualifications and in Tailor-made Training.
  2. To actively take care of the training needs that the society claims and to convert the University of Seville in a reference of permanent training of recognized quality.
  3. To unify and coordinate the offer of Own Qualifications of the University of Seville and of its processes of management and approval.

Training Offer of he Permanent Training Centre C.F.P.-US

The Permanent Training Centre puts within your reach a wide education offer with more than 150 courses covering different specialized areas, with a large practical component and organized in different ways of teaching. The aim is you can choose the training action that better suits your needs and personal circumstances.

  1. 1. Own Qualifications
    • Own Masters
    • University Expert
  2. 2. Continuous Training
    • Specialized Training Courses
    • Continuous Training Courses
  3. 3. University Extension