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Official Masters´ Programmes adapted to the European model, at public prices

Official Masters´ Programmes adapted to the European model, at public prices
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Admission and Registration

Orientation and Admission

Orientation: The Vice-Rector of Students of the University of Seville provides an orientation  service with information administered by the Secretariat of Admissions.  The Entrance Program , made up of various events focused on orientation and information for all involved with University admissions, was developed as a part of this service.

Admissions:  University entrance should be understood as obtaining the legal requirements that are needed to begin university studies.

According to the applicant’s category  (high school students; professional training students; students 25 and older, 40 and older, 45 and older; university degree holders, international students) he or she must meet various requisites based on previous university studies, age, and-or work and professional experience that can be proven.

Admissions and Registration

Admissions (Pre-Registration): This is the process in which the student applies for admission into the desired University programme. During this process, available places are allotted according to the admissions process and the marks obtained by each applicant. Pre-registration  typically begins at the end of June during the first phase (intended for students that meet all requirements needed by this date). Places that remain after the allocations of the first phase will be granted at the end of September during the second phase.

Enrolment: This is the process in which the incoming student formalises his or her incorporation into the University in the allocated programme after Pre-Registration has been completed. Likewise, at this point returning students formalise their continuity in the programmes they have previously begun.

Self-Enrolment: Registering enrolment of first-year and returning students can be done on the internet during established periods and in accordance with the procedures that are published annually.

Certain groups are excluded form Self-Enrolment:  transfer students, adapted cases, partial validation of foreign studies, visitors, etc.


General Information
    • All information regarding this process will be published well in advance of the initiation of the Self-Enrolment process.
Instructions for Enrolment and Self-Enrolment for the school year