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14 General Research Services

14 General Research Services
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Technology Transfer Services

Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación

OTRI  (Office of Transfer Services for Research Results)

The Office of Transfer Services for Research Results of the University of Seville was created in 1989 with the aim of making the relations among the University scientific community and different socioeconomic agents more dynamic. The main objective of the office is to identify R&D capacities and take advantage of research results to promote the transfer of university scientific and technical findings to the different productive sectors. Likewise, it assesses, develops and promotes the establishment of relationships, contracts, and other collaborative efforts with businesses and institutions; looks for different sources of public, private, national and international financing; promotes enterprising philosophies, the creation of technology-based businesses, and the globalisation of research; manages patents and their uses; promotes a competitive capacity of companies generated in the University itself; and diffuses scientific and technological innovation.

Servicio de Prácticas en Empresa

SPE  (Service of Business Internships)

The Service of Business Internships of the University of Seville has the aim of promoting and processing internships in businesses and institutions, to develop skills among our students and graduates which are necessary to join the work force.  This is also a  way to complement theoretical knowledge with practical information.

Fundación de Investigación de la Universidad de Sevilla

FIUS  (Research Foundation of the University of Seville)

This organisation was created in regards to assessment, technological support, staff training and research projects. Its purpose is to employ agile procedures for the university community.

Unidad de Orientación e Inserción Laboral

UOIP  (Unit of Orientation and Emersion into the Workforce)

The Unit of Orientation and Emersion into the Workforce of the University of Seville is a service whose objective is to facilitate and promote access to the labour market for students and university graduates.