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At the forefront of the creation of technology-based businesses

At the forefront of the creation of technology-based businesses
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Research and Technology Transfer

We are a campus of international excellence. Beyond providing education, we will also be by your side as you continue on your path with us. You will find specialisation in a field and have access to diffrent areas in labour and research.

The University of Seville considers research to be the work of creating, developing and updating scientific, technical, artistic and cultural criteria. Research activity is carried out in the heart of the Departments, University Institutes, and Research Centres; and is supported by public and private funding. The University has a strong commitment to socio-economical development of the Seville area, and therefore carries out intense transfer of knowledge and technology to society and its economic fabric.

  • Campus of International Excellence, the US reference of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D).
  • More than 400 research groups, almost 4,500 researchers and close to 7,500 yearly scientific publications with international impact.
  • Technology transfer; knowledge management, collaboration with the economy.
  • The spirit of enterprise and professional scope, introducing you to the business world. More than 9,000 students doing internships in more than 3,500 businesses.
  • The University ranks third in Spain as far as number of patents generated on a national level, and is the founder of many Knowledge-Based Businesses.

Different programmes and special initiatives aimed at promoting the commencement and continuation of a degree in research exist. Collaborate in our diffusion of knowledge, participate with great research facilities and help us to be leaders in university investigation.

We´re your University, we invite you to explore our website and get to know us better.