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General information related to the portal

logo Universidad de Sevilla

In accordance with the terms outlined in Law 34/2002, 11th July, on Service to Society in Information and Electronic Commerce, as well as other legal regulations, users are advised of the following general information on the Internet Portal:

  1. The portal in question is the official Internet site for the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. It has been created and is maintained by the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE, who retains full ownership. The same applies to those subdomains which link to it.
  2. The University of Seville is a public education institution that was created according to Law 29/79, 30 October, (Spanish Official Bulletin(B.O.E.) 31 October 1979),
  3. The University of Seville is provided with Taxpayer Identification Number (C.I.F.) nº Q-4118001-I
  4. The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE central offices may be found at:

    C/ S. Fernando, 4 (Post Code: 41004) SEVILLE

  5. Users of this portal may directly contact the  University of Seville by writing to the address indicated in point 4 of this information, as well as through any of the following means: