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University of Seville Website: General Conditions of Use

These general conditions regulate the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE Website so that it can be accessed through the URL address

The current General Conditions of Use do not exclude the presence of other laws or conditions concerning access to the various sections  forming the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE website.


Users must read the present General Conditions of Use for this website.

Every time the user accesses the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE website, an awareness and full acceptance of its current legal warnings and conditions is vital.

The users must be aware and fully accept the special conditions, warnings and instructions relating to the services provided by the website.


In compliance with the Information and E-commerce services Law 34/2002, July 11th, it is hereby stated that the website has been created and is owned by the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE, created by the Law 29/79, 30th October (B.O.E. (State’s Official Bulletin), 31st October 1979) of which the address is as follows:

C/ S. Fernando, 4 (C.P. 41004)
Contact Numbers::
External switchboard: 954551000
Information Services for students: 954485797 / 954485776
UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE General Information centre: 954556999
General Office Fax: 954211294


Free access

The use of official UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE web site is free. However, the recruitment of some services offered in this web site can be, at the present or in the future, subject to payment, in which case it will be clearly indicated.

User registration

In general, the access and use of this web site does not demand for user’s previous inscription or registration.

However, exceptionally, access to certain services depends on user´s registration to data bases of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. In such cases, personal data provided to the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE through use of the website will be subject to processing by said organisation, in accordance with close 7 of the present General Terms of Use.

The user promises to use her/his loging details (user name and password) in accordance to following restrictions:

  • The user’s chosen password should not affect the third party’s honour right or image; nor should it in any way infringe upon their copyright laws.
  • Access to the website is for registered users only, confidentiality and correct usage is their sole responsibility.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE will not be responsible for any damages that the user or third party may be faced with as a result of other people using their password either with or without their knowledge.
  • The University of Seville promises to not divulge the user’s chosen password to any other person except in the case where it is legally required.
Restrictions on Access and Use

Use of the official UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE website must comply with the contents of these General Conditions, as well as any other applicable laws.

The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE reserves the right to deny access to this website to users who do not comply with the present General Terms of Use.


Industrial Property

The name “UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE”, in addition to other distinguishing logos (graphics or logotypes) that appear in this website, are registered trademarks and thus the exclusive property of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. This legal entitlement grants the University, in accordance with Article 34 of the Copyright Law 17/2001 (December 17), as well as other applicable pieces of national legislation, the exclusive right to use the aforementioned distinguishing logos for trade purposes. Consequently, their use by third parties without appropriate authorisation is prohibited.

The possible presence of distinguishing logos on this website whose legal ownership is different to that referred to in the previous paragraph occurs without financial motivation and with the permission of those who possess the legal rights to the logo, and always with consideration to these exclusive rights.

Domain names

As with that referred to in the previous section, the domain name “” and all those which provide direct access to the present official website are the exclusive property of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. Unlawful use of the same for trade purposes constitutes a violation of those rights conferred under copyright law and will be prosecuted according to the Law.

Rights of the author
  • The content, text, photographs, designs, logotypes, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programmes, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation to be found on the official website, and the entire site as a multi-media artwork, are copyrighted under intellectual property legislation.
  • Exceptions to this copyright include those archives and computer programmes which are not the exclusive property of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE and freeware which the user may download from various pages of this website in order to allow access to said pages; that is to say applications in the public domain with the express permission of their creators.
  • The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE gives its express permission for the user to view, print, copy or store, in whatever way, to his/her hard disc or other removable hardware, the copyrighted intellectual creations and any other piece of content copyrighted, or otherwise, provided that it is done for personal purposes, without financial motivation and not for distribution or modification, alteration or decompiling of the aforementioned rights or content. This authorisation for personal use exists on the condition that the rights of the author and intellectual property laws are respected and does not imply the concession of any licence to the user.
  • Likewise, the museums, libraries, film, audio and newspaper archives and libraries, which allow public access, or which form part of scientific or cultural institutions, are not required to seek the permission of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE for the reproduction of content and, in general, of any intellectual creation on the official website, copyrighted or otherwise. This applies provided that it is done without financial motivation and solely for research purposes.
  • Any other use will require the express permission, in writing, of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE.
Right to legal action

The user of this web site promises to respect the outlined rights and to avoid acts which may infringe upon these rights.

In accordance with that which has been reviewed up to this point, any unauthorised use of industrial or intellectual property of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE related to or contained in this website and any violation of the rightful ownership of the aforementioned rights will be prosecuted by either Spanish or International law.

Thus, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE retains express rights to civil and criminal action in order to protect its legal rights to intellectual and industrial property.


On the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE website the user can find different links that lead to web pages, separate from this one. The aim of this is to facilitate access to other information sources on the Internet related to culture and education; they are included on this web page with respect to the intellectual property rights of their respective authors.

Similarly, links to UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE web pages must comply with the intellectual property and/ or industrial ownership rights of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE as set out in these general Conditions.


  • Information: Information which appears on, be it original or third party, is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantee of accuracy. Consequently, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE accepts no responsibility for damage that may be caused by its use.

    Similarly, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE accepts no responsibility for the legality of content submitted by service providers, users or other parties through any type of use of this web site.

    In any case, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE promises to make every effort to avoid illicit content on its web site. If it becomes aware of any such content, it will strive to delete it or restrict access.

  • Errors: As mentioned above, published documents may contain unintentional inconsistencies (either technical or typographical). The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE accepts no responsibility for these, but will however attempt to rectify them as quickly as possible upon becoming aware of their existence.
  • Hyperlinks: Links (with or without advertising content) on this website allow the user to leave the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE site. Unless otherwise indicated linked websites are not related to the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE, which accepts no responsibility for content, modifications, use, or availability of sites accessed via said links.

    In any case, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE agrees to do everything possible to avoid links to sites which may: contain illegal content, promote illicit activity, violate principles of freedom and human dignity, or which infringe upon the values and rights established by the Spanish Constitution and the Declaration of Human Rights.

    Similarly, in the case that the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE becomes aware of sites with illegal content as described, it promises to make every effort to immediately delete them.

  • Forums and discussion groups: the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE is not responsible for opinions expressed in permanent forums or temporary discussion groups which exist on this web site. In any case, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE intends to promote correct usage of these platforms, with the upmost respect for dignity and freedom of expression as set out by the Spanish Constitution.
  • Modification of contents: Information, news, and services offered by this site is subject to change, which may be freely carried out by the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE is not obliged to notify users of any changes.
The running of the site:
  • Privacy: The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE does not guarantee absolute privacy with the use of this site. It must not be forgotten that unauthorised parties may be aware of use and the circumstances under which it occurs.
  • Viruses: The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE accepts no responsibility for damage that may be caused by viruses, and does not guarantee that viruses are not present on its site.

    Technical errors: The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE accepts no responsibility for the malfunction of the website or any of its services which may occur as a result of an accident, Force Majeure, necessary maintenance work or any other causes which are not attributable to the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE.

  • Cookies: The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE advises its users that cookies may be installed on their systems. Cookies are small files created by the interaction between web servers and browsers which are stored in a specific file on the user’s computer. Cookies themselves cannot personally identify a user, though they may contain the user’s IP address.

    Though the majority of browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, it is possible for the user to restrict access to his/her computer through the appropriate options in his/her web browser.


  1. The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE  informs users of this site that it is possible to set up an automated archive of personal data, made available as a result of using the current website, and that this is in strict compliance with the provision of the personal data protection legislation.
  2. Users guarantee the authenticity of information provided through the use of this website. In this respect, it is the users’ responsibility to keep information up to date on a regular basis. Users are liable for providing any false or inaccurate information and the damages that these may incur.
  3. In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/99, December 13th, all personal information is compiled and recorded in a data file for which UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE management is responsible.
  4. The users may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection over their recorded information. They may do this through written communication with the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE’s Legal Service by completing the form which can be downloaded from the following link: The exercising of these rights does not affect access to the web page or user conditions.
  5. Recorded data may be used for statistical purposes, remission of scientific information, incidence response or market research in addition to their express purpose.
  6. In line with articles 11 and 21 of the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/99 Ley Orgánica 15/1999 ,  data provided by users may only be transferred to third parties in order to fulfil previously established purposes. Nonetheless, the permission of affected parties will be sought where necessary.
  7. On providing the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE with personal data, users declare full acceptance of the processing of said data by the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE.
  8. The UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE undertakes to fulfil its duty as regards maintaining personal data private. It will moreover take technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the security of personal data and to avoid its modification, loss, unauthorised processing or access. This will be done taking into account the state of technology, the nature of stored data and the risks to which it is exposed, which themselves may arise from human action or as a result of its physical or natural environment.
  9. The violation of the general conditions of use as regards the protection of personal data, as well as the regulations under the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 5/1999 and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, which approved the development regulations of said Organic Law, will bring about the presentation of the relevant report before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, as well as the commencement of appropriate proceedings by the University of Seville if those responsible for the violation are members of the University community.


While the lifespan of this web site is in theory indeterminate, the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE reserves the right to suspend or terminate some or all of its services without needing to give prior warning to its users.


The General Terms of Use presented here are enforced by Spanish Law.

Any dispute in relation to the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE website will be settled within Spanish jurisdiction; all parties will appear before Seville Tribunal Court, expressly renouncing any other jurisdictions that may be applicable.