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Innovative and inclusive programming

Innovative and inclusive programming
Actualizado el 09/11/2012 1:13 pm

CICUS: Cultural Initiatives Centre

The cultural project of the University of Seville starts from the Cultural Initiatives Centre (C.I.C.U.S.), whose proposals include seasons of music, theater, cinema, exhibition, workshop and other artistic and cultural expressions. They are organized by itself or in collaboration with other public or private institutions. It also organizes annual literary and artistic awards open to the university community and general public. Furthermore, students can get grants for culture classroom, theater groups, etc. Its aim is to foster the cultural creation and its spreading from the own university institution to our own academic institution and to our social environment.

CICUS will boost the publishing policy as channel for the scientific, cultural and teaching diffusion. It will also strengthen our heritage through the US Heritage Curator.

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