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Committed to the forefront of the most advanced cultural lines

Committed to the forefront of the most advanced cultural lines
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The Centre of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville (CICUS) has an innovative and multicultural policy that develops a selection of cultural activities directed at University students and society.

  • The US boasts an innovative and advanced cultural policy, that is in line with the most cutting edge ideas of our times.
  • We offer multicultural programming that responds to the expectations of all those in the University community and covers a wide variety of trends.
  • Our attention is focused on multiple kinds of artistic expression.
  • Dual programming aimed at University students and society is a priority.
  • US Programming is coordinated with the city. We are in constant and productive collaboration with the cultural institutes and industries of Seville.
Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la US

From these guidelines, CICUS creates a series of activities and cultural programmes (music, theatre, dance, visual arts, cinema, competitions, festivals, meetings, digital culture, etc.) all year long which can be found at:

The University forms a part of the city of Seville, and uses national and international activities to interact and bring the institution closer to all.

We´re your University, we invite you to explore our web site and get to know us better.