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A sustainable, healthy and completely accessible campus

A sustainable, healthy and completely accessible campus
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Office of Sustainability

Oficina de Sostenibilidad

The Office of Sustainability of the University of Seville came to be due to a mission to inspire sustainable policies in the heart of the University of Seville that comply with the statues and Government programming. The Strategic Plan for Sustainability is the inherent result of this mission.

The promotion of a culture of sustainability of this office is developed in a double platform: in the University Community and society in general. Above all, it aspires to provide training and information for the University Community regarding actions and plans that the University itself develops in areas of sustainability. Secondly, it aspires to become a point of reference of information and training for the rest of society.

The Office of Sustainability therefore pursues scientific, social, and informative goals: it attempts to promote corrective attitudes about climactic change and encourages reflection on bio-climactic topics, energy, water, residues, convivial green spaces, mobility, and biodiversity.