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A University community made up of over 70,000 people

A University community made up of over 70,000 people
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Historical-Artistic Heritage

The University of Seville´s cultural heritage collection is quite extensive. The artistic elements alone consist of more than 4,000 pieces that are comparable as far as quality and quantity to some big museums. These works, which have come together over five centuries, are currently located in various University-owned buildings.

This extensive and heterogeneous artistic richness, which is closely linked to the new social and legal norms regarding heritage, has demanded that the University of Seville, with its instruments for planning, control and guardianship, make others, especially those in the University community, aware of the mentioned works and active in safeguarding them.

With the aim of sharing quality services to improve organisation in the complex process of modernisation, the University of Seville decided to show society this extensive artistic heritage, which has been cared for by the University for several centuries, in an online publication. The goal of this initiative is to promote the conservation and diffusion of University works of art for all to study and enjoy.