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The city of Seville is our campus

The city of Seville is our campus
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University Ombudsman

Defensor Universitario1. The University Ombudsman is an agency responsible for safeguarding respect for the rights and freedom of all members of the University of Seville community. The group is not subject to an imperative term of office and it acts with complete independence.

2. The University Ombudsman shall be elected by absolute majority of the University Faculty by proposal of University Community members at a meeting for this purpose.

3. While acting as University Ombudsman it is incompatible to function in any government post in representation of the University.

4. The following are under the authority of the University Ombudsman:

  • Compiling information regarding various requests that are considered to be appropriate for fulfilling its aims.
  • Attending sessions of University associations that are deemed appropriate and involve topics related to current actions.
  • Issuing reports involving actions in progress when requested or considered appropriate
  • Drawing up proposals of appropriate action to find solutions for submitted cases.
  • Any other authority granted by the current Statute and University Ombudsman Regulations .

5. The University Ombudsman is to register and acknowledge receipt of claims issued which they address or reject. If a claim is rejected, the reason shall be presented in writing informing the interested party of more appropriate options, should they exist. Regardless, the interested party may opt for the manner deemed most appropriate.

In cases where judicial or administrative resolution is pending, the University Ombudsman is not to provide individual investigation. If such action has been initiated it shall be suspended if the interested party gives notice of appeal to the administration, before the ordinary courts or in the Constitutional Courts. Nevertheless, this shall not prevent investigation into general problems raised in the presented claims. At any rate the case will be safeguarded because the University Administration expressly resolves petitions and drawn up appeals in a timely manner.

Once a complaint is admitted, the University Ombudsman is to promote a timely, concise and informal investigation to clarify the suppositions regarding the situation. In all cases, substantial content of the request to the administrative agency it comes from will be accounted for. Ideally the the holder will send a written report within a maximum 30-day time period. This time period may be extended when circumstances concur and the University Ombudsman advises it.

6. The University Ombudsman is to present an annual report of its activities to the University Faculty. This report may include recommendations and suggestions to improve University services.

7. In order to fulfil these functions, the University of Seville will provide the University Ombudsman an assigned budget, infrastructure, and adequate staff.

Contact Information:

  • Telephones: 95.448.67.67 - 95.448.67.66
  • Fax: 954.486.67.68
  • Email:
  • URL:
  • Address:
    • Oficina del Defensor Universitario
    • Pabellón de Uruguay, Avda. de Chile, s/n
    • Sevilla 41003