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A jewel of a University

A jewel of a University
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General Secretary

PhD. Dª. CONCEPCIÓN HORGUÉ BAENA, Full Professor, Department of Administrative Law and Public International Law and International Relations.

  • The General Secretary is the Secretary of University Staff, Secretary of the Government Council, and Secretary of the Commissions delegated by the previously mentioned groups, as well as the Secretary of the General Electoral Council. Article 22 of the University of Seville Statute establishes what this person is authorised to do, and other duties involved, such as those predicated by law or other regulations.
  • Telephone:954551019
  • General Secretary Manager:

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Subordinated to the General Secretary:

Vice-General Secretary

PhD. MARTÍN SERRANO VICENTE, Full Professor, Department of Basic Legal Sciences (Roman law, History of law, Ecclesiastic State law).

  • He assists the General Secretary in the fulfilment of her duties, substitutes her in the case of vacancy, illness or absence, and assumes the responsibilities that the General Secretary may entrust him.
  • Telephone:954551085