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The city of Seville is our campus

The city of Seville is our campus
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I have the pleasure of welcoming you to the University of Seville, an irenstitution with more than five centuries of history that have left a legacy of renowned academic tradition and a unique cultural heritage .

Currently, its main asset is the extensive university community (made up of more than 70,000 students, 4,400 professors, and 2,400 service and administrative professionals) and the integral offering of teaching , research , culture , and technology transfer ; which make it one of the most complete institutes of Knowledge Management in the national panorama.

Coexisting and committed to its city, Seville, its Campus , with 25 Centres , has facilities which are constantly growing and modernising. With its consolidated infrastructure, the University is more closely knit than ever due to its clear commitment to NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies) and the development of Technology Transfer that has made the university a reference point in R&D.

Each student has free internet access throughout the University campuses. One of our top objectives is educational internationalisation for the students of our University. This idea is driven by multi-lingual double degrees and a vigorous student mobility policy.

Additionally, the management of our resources is clearly tied to the promotion of culture , athletics , and social and environmental commitment. As an institution involved in sustainable development, we participate in the building of a fairer, more balanced, and supportive world.

As Rector, the model that I am presenting is the University first and foremost as a public service. It is an institution that is open to society as a whole and shall contribute to its progress. I am especially working to build a more human University that is close to the people, which is governed with them and for them, and promotes participation and dialogue. In order to obtain this, I understand that is essential to include the integration of people, groups, organisations and communities in a common and shared university project. All should feel included in this project and nobody should feel excluded.

We are upon an extraordinary occasion to jointly motivate the labours developed by the University, given that the future indicates the implantation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)  that arrived in 2010. The challenges are intense with the consolidation of a system of Scholarships and Financial Aid , new methodological focuses, co-prominence of the institute with its students, etc.

I invite you to explore our website so you can appreciate the great value offered to you by the University of Seville. This is your University; I hope it awakens your interests and that you participate with the responsibility and constructive criticism that is felt by those who make up this university system. This is a University made up of all and for all to use.

My wish is that this shared commitment develops into complete and integrated education which serves as a guarantor of a freer and fairer society. Welcome to your University, the University of Seville.