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The calling to excellence moves us

The calling to excellence moves us
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The US in figures

Statistical Yearbooks

The USE facts and figures

Academic Structure Year 2015/2016
Academic Centres

University Centres: 27

Associated Centres: 6

University Departments 133
Knowledge Areas 157
Other Centres 3
University Offer Year 2016/2017
Degrees offered up from 1st course 67
Official Master Graduate 91
PhD. Programs 99
University’s Postgraduate Studies 238
University Demand Year 2016/2017
Enrolled students

 1st and 2nd Cycle C. Own: 1.449

 1st and 2nd Cycle C. Associated.: -

 US Undergraduate Centres: 49.771

 Associated Undergraduate Centres: 3.342

 University Master: 5.279

 Doctorate: 3.111

 Postgraduate and other Studies of the USE: 3.468

 Language Institute Students: 3.672

 University Extension: 478

 Classroom of Experience: 2.102

Graduate students Year 2015/2016
Graduate students

 1st and 2nd Cycle C.: 1.398

 1st and 2nd Cycle C. Associated.: 4

 US Undergraduate Centres:  6.574

 Associated Undergraduate Centres: 572

 Master Universitario: 2.093

 Doctorado: 893

Research. Year 2016
General Research Services: 15
Centres and large Facilities: 6
Institutes located in the Andalusian Research Plan: 3
University Institutes: 4
Foundations: 1
Research Staff in Training: 348
Contracted Staff (Research Projects): 354
Postdoctoral Contracts: 105
Arts Contracts and Grants. 68 And 83 (LOU): 288
Scholarships granted through the Plan: 839
Núm. de Proyectos subvencionados del Plan Propio I+D+I: 91
International Actions: 26
Industrial and Intellectual Property registrations: 69
Economic Data Budget 2017
Total budget income: 428.282.798 Euros
Finan. Structural operative results linked to outcomes: 163.642.930 Euros
Revenues for public prices enrolment in official study programs 51.594.279 Euros
Revenues for capital transfer 179.640.501 Euros
Staff expenses 298.107.400 Euros
Staff December 2015
Teaching Staff 4.177
Civil Servant Staff 1.273
Contract Administration Staff 1.293
Total Staff 6.743