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Andalusia Tech, Attracting talent to a unique campus

Andalusia Tech, Attracting talent to a unique campus
Actualizado el 11/04/2012 8:38 am



Since the University of Seville is an entity with the capacity to dictate legal rules, it must be concerned with favouring awareness about the rules with their target audience and all in the University community.  In some cases, various previously-established legal regulations derived from the University are published in the Official Bulletin of the State or Autonomous Region (such as the statutes, the budget, the study plans, professional positions, announcements regarding teaching positions, etc.). In other cases, although the necessity or convenience of publication is still evident, no university rule claiming that an "Official Bulletin" must be published exists. The University itself must apply its status as an autonomous entity and organise appropriate communication channels.

Based on this, an official instrument of periodical diffusion of regulations, agreements, and resolutions dictated by the governing bodies of the University of Seville that approve the rule and guideline configuration and functions was established.

And given that currently the majority of those interested in obtaining general information about University activities and guidelines look to the internet, the Official Bulletin of the University of Seville should be carried out in a digital format to guarantee effectiveness and generalisation of knowledge, and save unnecessary costs. This keeps in line with the Law of 11/2007, on 22 June, regarding electronic access to public services for citizens.

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